Connectible is an online lectionary and learning tool built for the Anglican Diocese of Dunedin. We’ve been involved with this project since it’s inception and have worked on both the front end and back end making the site easy for people to use and very robust. It will be published shortly.


Otago Rural Fire Authority

For this project we did a lot of backend for entering and issuing fire permits. We made the system easy to use without breaking the budget, and helped streamline and centralised the fire permit system across the Otago region.


Train Driver 2

Our sequel to out previous game: Train Driver for Android. Train Driver 2 is still in active development for the PC. It will not only include the driving simulator, but also features a dispatcher mode (for directing trains), a station building mode, as well as multiplayer. Our testers have been having a blast! Come check out the site and forums to find out more!



Driving simulator for measuring driver’s fatigue level. Features 3D realtime graphics, driving sound effects, support for PC steering wheel, accurate measuring of driver’s performance captured and written to disk 50 times per second.

Tracks Near Me logo

Tracks Near Me

Tracks Near Me is a web app designed for Mountainbiking Otago, with help from The Digital Office. Tying Google Maps with GPS tracking on mobile devices, this web app points users to the nearest mountain bike trails. The app also gives information like track grades, a description, and elevation profiles for each trail. This is a fun and exciting community project we are proud to be a part of.


Trap Tracker

Trap Tracker is a web application designed to help control eradicate possums from the Otago Peninsula by bringing the community on board. Traps have a unique QR code which can be scanned to notify the Trust that a trap needs to be emptied. Trap Tracker was written in ASP.net


Train Driver

Train Driver is a game for Android devices running Android 2.2 and up. The game generates randomised tracks with many different combinations of models. The game is written in Java using the OpenGL libraries. The sign system is based on the Polish Rail conventions, which are much more readily available than New Zealand’s. The game is fully 3D and runs on many older devices.

Bus Tracker image

Bus Tracker Backend

The Bus Tracker is an Android application developed for Open IQ in Dunedin. Bus Tracker does live vehicle tacking using the GPS function of Android devices. This project also involved rooting the devices and careful power management so the devices would still keep battery power after buses were inactive over the weekend.


Elite Joinery Solutions

Website for Elite Joinery Solutions, a homegrown business in Gore.